This was first published on 11/11/2014 

Veterans keep giving, long after the uniform is retired:

We represent every economic class in this country, every culture, and every race.

We are teachers, accountants, police officers, and administrators. We serve as nurses, doctors, firefighters, lawyers, mechanics, electricians, barbers and hairdressers, therapists and technicians in every shape and form.

We own small businesses, are CEOs of corporations, we write the news and we make the news.

We count among us musicians, craftspeople, writers, artists, engineers, scientists and mathematicians. We run shop floors and retail chains.  We are farmers, ranchers, and homemakers.

We can be the barista attending community college or the doctoral candidate preparing to present her thesis.  We bake, we build, we birth, we bury.

We are elected to office and serve in Congress.  We play a role in state legislatures and on local councils and school boards.  We are also behind the scenes as staff members who bring our training to the good order of things.

We serve on the boards of non-profits.  We are Scout leaders and coaches.  There isn’t a civic or service club that doesn’t depend on at least one of our number as an active member.

We can be found in synagogues, mosques, and churches.  We may not profess a religion, but we’ve dedicated a portion of our lives toward protecting that freedom and many others that allow our fellow citizens to have a choice.

We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and everything in between.  Some of us don’t vote; many of us would never miss an election.

We have walked the face of the moon, have traveled faster than the speed of sound, have served in soup kitchens, and organized drives for the needy. We live in every state, every county, every village in this country.

We understand the meaning of duty and accountability.  We grasp the difference between the two as well.

We  have one thing in common—when called to serve, we step forward.

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