May 18, 2018

What a great date, especially for big changes!

The rumors are true.  This will be the last RT Booklovers’ Convention. Kathryn Falk will go on to many other things. The woman  has a range of interests and big ideas are always percolating away inside her.

Tonight, I’ve been asked to speak on what Kathryn has meant to the writers over the years.  I’ll share three things I’ve learned from her:

  • Don’t whine.  Energy spent whining means I might miss opportunities. 
  • Go forward. You can sleep when you are dead. How many times have I heard her say this—usually when she was pushing me out a door?
  • Again, her advice is to grab opportunity when it appears because it rarely comes around twice.

Finally, the only connection that matters is between reader and writer.

With the magazine and the convention, Kathryn set a very large table and asked everyone to come.  No judgment, no filters—just the joy of readers and writers connecting.

As we head into the future, I pray we keep expanding the size of the table because Kathryn Falk and RT are right, there is room for all.

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