I heard growling from my living room today.  Tess, who NEVER growls, was focused on the top of the Christmas tree.  Apparently, after several days of my newly acquired sequined and beaded stuffed owl being perched there, Tess noticed it.  

The offending critter.

At first, she acted as if one of the wild birds I feed in the yard had invaded her turf. She doesn’t bark at them outside, but this might have been a step too far. Maybe she believed a bird was encroaching on her domain.

I took the owl down, let her smell it, and I thought she was happy. She stopped growling, but then later, when I walked past the door, I caught Tess watching the tree with a fixed intensity. After all, she is part hound and a very good pointer, especially when she sees a bunny. Or, perhaps, she suspects stuffed animals are actually secretly alive, especially with mischief? It is that time of the year when anything could happen, right? 

Meanwhile, I feel so safe. 

Hope y’all are enjoying your holidays, my friends!

(P.S. Don’t notice how dirty the dog door is. Tess is the one who is supposed to clean it–but she is too busy focusing on stuffed birds.)

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