Even though I no longer send my kids off to school, September still feels like the time for new beginnings.

This is the time of the year when I start thinking about my goals and my dreams.  This is when I roll up my sleeves and jump into a new project, especially since September and October are the lull before the holidays ramp up into full gear.

My projects for this September . . . I have a stack of books to read on writing comics; I would like to see one of my books used on a movie set; I wish to become more involved in my local community and plan to volunteer at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center (If they will have me. I travel quite a bit.) Oh, and there are the garden projects.

Finally, September is the right time to plunge into writing the new book. I’ve been outlining. Now, for the work.

What about you?  Is September your time for “me” projects? What dreams, goals, or desires flirt with your imagination in this month of falling forward into life?

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