I’m desperate to get myself organized. Yes, this stuff is usually reserved for January and a new year but I’m preparing to move from my wonderful Richmond to Austin. Big changes are coming. (I’ll share more info as I go along) and I know if I don’t reset my goals and focus, I will get nothing done over these next few months.

Plus, wouldn’t it be great if these changes carried me through 2017? New city, new house, productive me—what’s not to love? I’ve needed to do this for twelve years or more. Today is the day!

Now understand, I constantly try to organize myself. I have planners and notebooks filled with my feeble attempts to document my efforts. But maybe this time, I have the right tools. Maybe the direction doesn’t come from me but from someone with experience and success.

After all, I have goals: I want consistency to my blog postings. I need to keep my focus on exercise and diet. I must hit my word count instead of the scatter shot approach. I need to get my work done. But then a new project or random thought comes along and I lose track of my good intentions

 Finally, I did what every sensible person would do, I googled “personal action plan” and found these lovely sheets by The Secret Owl Society (www.thesecretowl.blogspot.com) So clever. So well thought out. How could any organization chart geek like me not want a set?

Yes, you’ve guessed it–I have spent two hours on a Monday morning organizing myself. I don’t think the time was wasted. I do feel as if I have concrete direction.

Will it work? Or last?

You will see the results for yourself as time goes by.  But isn’t the title lovely?  ULTIMATE LIFE BINDER.  I’m game.

By the way, I’m always open for new organization tips. Please share! We can all benefit.

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