I need more time, but I find that my life doesn’t work so well when I farm stuff out—and that is true whether it is house cleaning or writing.

I seem to need “hands on” time.  When I turn tasks, from the meaningful to mundane, over to other people, I lose touch with what I value.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?  But too often, I’ll hire help and then discover what I thought of as help is actually a hindrance.  For example, I can hire lawn folks but then I stop noticing the vagaries of my garden and appreciating them.   The cleaning service keeps my house surface clean but I begin to act like I’m living in a backdrop instead of connecting with my home.  I once hired a public relations person who insisted on doing my blogging, but what was sent out wasn’t “me.”

Since I only have so many dollars to go around and even less time AND since I wish to live as authentic a life as I can, I evaluate carefully what I realistically can do and what I need or want to do.

One thing that has helped has been to alternate tasks, i.e. the cleaning service and lawn people visit every other week.  This relieves some of the pressure on my “to do” list.

I do have people who help with my website, but I must do the content.  It is about valuing my readers, whom I believe can tell a difference in whether I am engaged with them or merely checking in.  I don’t want to write about the importance of relationships and then bag out on what is meaningful in my life by passing off dialogue with my readers.  You may not realize I’m not there, but I know.

So what about you?  What tips can you share about living a life of purpose?  Of doing what you want without losing out on the everyday ins and outs that take you there?

Are you the Queen of your own life?  Are YOU in charge?  I’m not.

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