I have not been blogging.  HIS LESSONS ON LOVE released the end of January.  But it was not a “normal” release.

 All eformats of the book hit the virtual shelves but the paper copies were delayed about a week and a half.  However, all is good.  My readers are with me, and new readers will find me.  I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve learned that readers will wait.  Certainly, I’ve waited for books I really wanted to read.

 I am very grateful for patient readers. In fact, I’m grateful for all of you who have supported my work over the years. You are a blessing not only to my career, but also to my life.  

 You and I share something—we believe that love, and the crazy things two people do as they discover how much they matter to each other, is a worthy theme for a book.  We also believe that it is okay for reading to be entertaining.  I have a dear friend who never reads fiction.  Ever.  Her loss . . . and I’ve noticed that she is far too heavy about the things that happen in life.  Fiction inspires me.  It gives me a break from the real world.  Sometimes, it leads me to see reality from a new perspective.  I often see myself in fictional characters, even those in unfortunate circumstances.  There are also days when the characters from books live in the back of my mind.  

 However, I digress.  

What I want to say is THANK YOU for your patience and your support of my stories.  I’m currently working on a new series “The Gamblers’ Daughters.” I’ll be sharing more on that later.

 Much love to you all!

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