I used to avoid book signings until I learned how fun they were with readers ready to have a good time.  Now I am a Reader Fan! (In Houston, TX with the wonderful Tessa Dare and the folks at Katy Budget Books)

I adore folks who want to celebrate this genre I love so much (Mother and Daughter enjoying the book giveaways at RWA San Antonio)–

I once saw only the empty chairs. Now I look for the smiles, even from the puppies. (The Decatur Book Festival in GA.  At the Georgia RWA tent)

Even when I’m not the focus of attention, I enjoy being in the presence of readers.  There is a moment when strangers become friends through what they are reading.  And this genre I love is strengthened by those friendships. (the one and only Kerrelyn Sparks meeting Scottish readers in Glasgow)

And the real fun is when readers bring their sense of humor with them.  (Texas readers have the best t-shirts and they are not afraid to wear them.

Plus, I love hanging with my author friends. (My new bff Kay Thomas with Avon Addict Jenna and half of my face)

The fabulous Lorraine Heath and happy, happy me!

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