And I like it. My tattoo is a word, of course, because I live with words. In fact most of my decorating is done with words.  I have the word “believe” in my foyer. “Happily Ever After” graces a sign by the front door.  My kitchen wall has a host of words including John Lennon’s lovely observations about love.

For my tattoo, I chose the word “enough.” The punctuation is important.  No, I hadn’t planned on getting a tat in this lifetime—even though I have been a sailor. Nor was the idea original to me.  A nurse friend was telling of a patient she treated who had battled cancer for years.  

The patient had the tattoo on her wrist. Here is what “enough.” Means: I’m good enough. I’m strong enough. I am enough.

Let me add some of my own “enough.s”: I am old enough. I’m young enough. I’m healthy enough. I’m brave enough. I’m talented enough. I’m cheeky enough. I’m cute enough. I’ve dieted enough. I’ve eaten enough. I’ve talked enough. I always have been and always will be “enough.”

The tat is on my wrist so that while I’m at my keyboard, I can see it and realize I am talented enough to live boldly, wisely, and gracefully. May it always be so.

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