I’m not doing New Year’s resolutions this year. They haven’t worked. Ever.

Instead, I’m setting up accountability systems. I want to connect myself with ways to hold more responsibility for changing bad habits, for living a life generous to myself as well as others. 

The “ah ha” moment came when a guidance counselor friend was explaining how she can’t just be accountable to herself no matter how hard she tries. She fudges the results. I fudge the results. I start off with intentions of a healthy diet in the morning and along about 3 p.m. . . .? Well, things go to the fridge.

Here are the ways I will hold myself accountable:

– Journaling: I already journal every morning, but now I’m setting an intention as well. A friend gifted me affirmation cards with a word of the day feature. I will draw a card daily and let the lesson sink in.

– Recording: Yes, I have several apps where I can track food, drink, and exercise. I will now make time to use at least one of them. Again, my goal is to live with connection and that includes connecting to my health. I enjoy exercise. I should do more of it, except I always slide it to the end of my day and then run out of time. I like cooking good food. I will endeavor to try new recipes, even if they, like exercise, call for a piece of time in my day. My intention is not to take shortcuts, to believe I am worth the short amount of time these activities take. 

Oh, and I’m also recording sleep. I don’t know how long this intention will last, or really any of them. I figure if I eat healthy, exercise, and sleep well at least 65% of the time, then 2022 will be a “love my body” breeze. Which brings me to–

– Loving: How do I want to be seen as a grandmother? Or as a friend? Or as a mother? That last one is tricky. My kids are all adults. The idea of being a “mother” has changed. I’m still around to advise, if asked . . . but most of the time they don’t ask. That means I get to chill with my kids which is vastly more enjoyable that “mothering.”

Will I be successful with my accountability systems? Perhaps a touch more successful than I was with resolutions. After all, the decision to act on my goals rests with me.

I do believe that resetting myself at least once during the year (and often in June and September) is a good thing. For one thing, it keeps me centered on the purpose of my life and that is always a gift.

Oh, and today the word of the day is “Learn.” Isn’t that a lovely call for action at the beginning of a new year?

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