So, here is what is happening–August 9, this dog walked in my front door. He is very friendly, didn’t have a collar, and I put him in the back yard, assuming a neighbor lost him and would contact me soon. No contact

Yes, I am aware he is a pit bull and I would never, EVER have a pit bull.

Or so I thought.

Now utd on shots, I’m learning Texas law concerning lost dogs, and am fostering. I’ve also met this great dog lover Nita who is schooling me on how to find a loving home for this guy. It shouldn’t be hard–he is house trained, well-behaved (well, he needs to learn how to walk on a leash), and gets along with kids and other dogs. I don’t know why he came into my life that day. Maybe so that I could meet Nita, who seems to be completely on my wave-length and is crazy enough to love animal rescue. Or maybe to troll Truman one of my two dogs.

Once again, Life takes a turn I didn’t anticipate. No, I have not named him–yet. Nita calls him Petey. I might be able to call him Pedro. (Vote for Pedro, anyone?) We are co-fostering, if there is such a thing.

One thing I know, he answers to love and kindness.

When I think of this thing we call Romance, I realize it is expecting the unexpected.  And that is a gift. (Thanks, Pedro, for my next plot twist.)

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