A TASTY DISH by Kelly Cain

Austin has a new wine bar—Vintage Books and Wine www.vintagebooksandwine.com It couldn’t be more perfect for me (and you, too, I think). They have wine, a great atmosphere, wine, a good selection of romances, and wine. All books on the shelves are trade paperbacks or hardcovers so my mass market sized books weren’t available. However, they had an excellent selection of contemporaries and the Bridgerton series.

A group of us met to hang out and I discovered my friend Kelly Cain’s latest, A TASTY DISH, amongst the contemporaries. Since Kelly was one of our group, she signed it for me. I whipped through book. Kelly is a clever storyteller who knows how to keep the heat on. Get it? Tasty dish? Sorry. You are right, that was too simple. Still, her characters have real emotion as they negotiate big, big dreams vs. finding someone who can be trusted, someone who will walk beside them. That isn’t easy. Each of us who has made a commitment to another person knows just how harrowing the risks are—and how rewarding. The last line of the book is just perfection . . . 

Plus, there are recipes, interesting ones, that go very well with wine. I have decided Kelly has a remarkable palate to accompany her excellent storytelling.

When in Austin, pay a visit to Vintage Books and wine. Lovely. Welcoming atmosphere. Very much apace with the Austin vibe. Good people and delish wines.  Plus, I love their butterfly reading logo.

Vintage Books and Wine, East Austin, TX, y’all

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