In January, I pick a word for the year.

This is a practice of my friend Felicia Mason, one of the most dynamic women, and writers, I know. She says focusing on one powerful word can lead to unexpected results. She’s right.

Last year, my word was Passion. I strove to put passion into every facet of my life. No, not kissing-in-the-throes type of passion but adventurous, “grab opportunity with both hands” passion. My pursuit of living passionately allowed me to enjoy the twists life threw at me and sparked a new book series outside of my comfort level.

This year the word is Create. I want to explore the different challenges of this word, the processes and the momentum it can provide, and already I’m surprised, and pleased, with the direction this word is taking me.

For example, on the writing side, I’ve developed a whole new cast of characters and stories that will have intriguing consequences–but that is old hat. I would have taken that path eventually . . . but perhaps I’ve pushed myself more?

On a whim, I took a class on mosaics. The result of my class project is humble. However, I found a pewter dragonfly to add to the picture with the word “create” engraved on its back side. The word doesn’t show on the mosaic, but I know it is there. Within hours of creating the mosaic, I began painting the backsplash of my kitchen. I found myself embracing the colors in the mosaic and dreaming of how to bring color and beauty to other areas of my home. That, of course, made me realize that in order to let in new needs and desires, I needed to clear out the old. So, I hired an image consultant who “shopped” in my closet. She helped me jettison years of worn, tired clothing and helped me create a new wardrobe reflecting me now, this minute. She’s made me wonder what other “old” images of myself I’ve been nurturing over the years. Time to create new ones.

I’ve also taken on the task of revamping my business calendar. We all have business goals and ambitions we want to achieve, but I realize I haven’t set aside time in my schedule to even think about reaching out in new directions. I’ve changed that.

I’ve also created some new, powerful friendships. Friends, to me, are secret weapons in my arsenal of life enhancing skills. They challenge and encourage me. Each friendship is a gift in my life,.

And all of those new tacks have been in the first month of “creating.” I can’t wait to see where the word will lead me over the next eleven months.

And what of you? What word would you choose for this year?

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