Every book stands alone; however, I do have recurring characters in several of my novels. Here they are, along with publication dates in case you—like so many other people!—want to read them in order.

The Logical Man’s Guide to Dangerous Women Series

His Secret Mistress (February 2020), Brandon Balfour and Kate Addison
Her First Desire (April 2021), Gemma Estep and Ned Thurlowe

The Spinster Heiresses Series

If Ever I Should Love You (December 2017), Leonie Charnock and the Earl of Rochdale
A Match Made in Bed  (April 2018), Cassandra Holwell and the Soren York, Earl of Dewsberry.
The Duke That I Marry(November 2018), Miss Willa Reverly and Matthew Addison, the Duke of Camberly

Marrying the Duke Series

A Little Thing Called Love (September  2015), Prequel eNovella, Jennifer Tarleton and Fyclan Morris
The Match of the Century  (November  2015), Elin Morris and Benedict Baynton
The Fairest of Them All  (June  2016), Lady Charlene Blanchard and Jack Whitridge
A Date at the Altar  (October  2016), Sarah Pettijohn and Gavin Whitridge, Duke of Baynton

The Brides of Wishmore Series

The Bride Says No (February 2014), Blake Stephens and Lady Aileen Davidson
The Bride Says Maybe (March 2014), Breccan Campbell and Lady Tara Davidson
The Groom Says Yes (October 2014), Cormac Enright, earl of Ballin, and Sabrina Davidson

The Chattan Novels

Lyon’s Bride (May 2012), Lord Lyon and Thea Martin
The Scottish Witch (November 2012), Harry Chattan and Portia Maclean
The Devil’s Heart (May 2013), Lady Margret Chattan and Heath Macnachtan

The Scandals and Seductions Novels

A Seduction at Christmas (November 2008), Holburn and Fiona
(Announced in In the Highlander’s Bed as Seduction of a Highland Mistress)
The Earl Claims His Wife (October 2009), Gillian and Wright
The Marriage Ring (March 2010), Grace and Richard
His Christmas Pleasure (December 2010), Andrew and Abby
The Seduction of Scandal (September 2011), Corinne and Thorn

The Cameron Sisters Novels

Temptation of a Proper Governess (September 2004), Michael and Isabel
The Price of Indiscretion (August 2005), Miranda and Alex
In the Bed of a Duke (April 2006), Phillip and Charlotte
(Also known as The Price of Betrayal)
Bedding the Heiress (April 2007), Justin and Francesca
In the Highlander’s Bed (February 2008), Gordon and Constance

The Marriage Novels

Married in Haste (July 2013 reissue), Brenn and Tess
A Scandalous Marriage, (February, 2000), Leah and Devon
(P.S. The hero in this book has a small role in You and No Other)
The Marriage Contract (February 2001), Ann and Aiden