I am past ready to do something fun. I want to meet people in person, especially readers. I need to be out in the world.

 For that reason, I’m heading to Orlando December 16 – 19 for the Booklovers Convention.  

 I know it is a few weeks before Christmas.  That is a stressful time and yet, I’ve been through stressful times over the past almost two years.  This will be a fun stressful time where readers and writers can celebrate these books we love to read. Besides, the stress is that I might not get all my packages wrapped or miss a neighborhood party.

But I do think taking time for myself is important.  I believe I must indulge in talking books, listening to writers share their journeys and thoughts, and just enjoy some silliness that comes with a national conference. There will be workshops, parties, games, and more than done chance to dance. Yes, dance! Remember that?

This will be a slimmer Booklovers convention than in the past.  It is a few weeks before the holidays . . . but I like that.  It gives me a chance to really connect with people, and that is what I yearn for—connection. (Plus the introvert side of me gets overwhelmed by huge crowds.)

I hope you can join me, even if it is just for Saturday’s big book signing.  The details, and a list of the wonderful authors planning to attend, are at www.booklovers.con

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