LCDR Maxwell says a few words at her promotion ceremony

So, pardon a rather boring post of my travels. I’m happy to be home but I enjoyed every second of my venture East.

My daughter received her promotion to Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard.  She is our highest ranking service member to date.  Of course I had to be on hand for the promotion ceremony which was held in front of the Military Women’s Memorial in DC. They even let me put on one of her shoulder epaulets.  Her son and husband put on the other. Later, we celebrated with a homemade charcuterie board and binge watching “Supernatural.”  

Of course I snuck in a trip to see as many friends as I could in Virginia. I lived there for twenty-eight years and there is much that I miss. I also spent time with my other daughter’s family. They are in West Virginia where she is a Hospice nurse. She has a new baby and there is nothing on the face of this planet more entertaining than a child delighted with life, especially when she is showing signs of being a redhead. I grew up in a family of redheads so I knew one had to pop up sooner or later. 

I also welcomed the opportunity to take in a few fall colors.  We don’t have autumn in Texas.  At least, not a colorful one.  The leaves hadn’t changed much in West Virginia and Maryland, but there was that feeling in the air that the earth was preparing for a glorious show of color.

All in all a very good trip.

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